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Warrant scam making the rounds

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane County Sheriff's Office Deputies and Crime Check have been receiving a large number of reports of scams that claim you have warrant out for your arrest.

Spokane deputies want people to know that anytime someone calls you and demands payment of any kind for a warrant or threatens to arrest you, it is a scam.

In this particular scam, scammers threaten people by telling them they witnessed an accident, didn't show up for court, and now have a warrant out for their arrest. They then tell the victim they must pay the fine for the warrant with a prepaid credit card. The scammer says they are part of “Special Investigations” and uses the name “Drew or Andrew Richmond.”

They often use fake badge numbers, court case, or incident numbers and fake warrant numbers and charges. The phone number used most often is 509-557-3966, but other numbers could be used.