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Warning: Beware Garth ticket fraud

SPOKANE, Wash. - For tens of thousands of fans this week, seeing Garth Brooks perform live will be a dream come true. Unfortunately, when it comes to concerts, the bigger the event - the bigger the opportunity for ticket scammers.

"Oh it's no good for anyone.  The last thing we want to do is turn anyone away," explained Matt Gibson, GM of the Spokane Arena.

Unfortunately, Gibson has seen his fair share of ticket fraud over the years.

"If someone decides to print prober tickets here from our machines, they can claim they lost them.  Then they can go back, get them reprinted, and then someone who thinks they have real tickets will get them scanned and we'll have to say 'Sorry, these have been reprinted.'"

Of course, second hand resources like Facebook and Craigslist can be helpful for honest customers who need to unload their tickets for one reason or another.

"We got online the morning the went on sale, hit submit and got an error," said Michelle Oty, a Spokane native and Garth Brooks fan.  "My husband was getting in at the same time - I logged in and bought new tickets, then on the confirmation, it turned out the error had actually gone through.  So we ended up with 6 tickets instead of 2."

Oty was able to use Facebook to get rid of her extra tickets.

With such a simple search, you can find dozens of tickets available from a number of different sites.  However, with only about 100,000 legitimate tickets to be had, scams are almost inevitable.

"Our job is to educate the public," warned Gibson.  "People need to be aware of who you're buying from, where you're buying from and protect yourself."

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