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USC football player accused of injuring Cougar fan will not be charged

PULLMAN, Wash. - A criminal case will not be pursued against a USC football player accused of injuring a Cougar fan after WSU’s win over the Trojans this fall.

Multiple videos show Trojan defensive lineman Liam Jimmons knocking a 20-year-old Cougar fan to the ground as he stormed the field at the end of the game.

The victim reportedly suffered severe concussion symptoms a few days after being hit.  He also went to the emergency room after the game with a sore hip.

Washington State University police asked that Jimmons be charged with felony 2nd degree assault following an extensive investigation.  Prosecutor Denis Tracy has declined to pursue the case finding insufficient evidence to prove assault beyond a reasonable doubt.  Jimmons says he made a split second decision to push the victim to the side to protect himself from getting hurt by a more direct collision. 

Tracy found that it cannot be proven that Jimmons knew he would likely cause a severe concussion with the shove. Tracy also believes that it is unlikely to be proven that Jimmons was criminally negligent, disproving his claim of trying to protect himself. Tracy also points out that Jimmons was supposed to be on the field while the victim was trespassing on the field when he was hit.