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Unprecedented success for 2017 Christmas Tree Elegance

SPOKANE, Wash. - The Spokane Symphony Associates celebrated unprecedented success during the 2017 Christmas Tree Elegance event. 

Spokesperson Annie Matlow said volunteers sold more than 350,000 raffle tickets this year. Each ticket cost $1. Every tree decorated for the event at the Davenport and River Park Square had a different theme and a $5,000 value. 

This year's event was so popular, volunteers were forced to close ticket sales early after they ran out of tickets. 

"We are gratified by the outstanding response from the community to Christmas Tree 2017. We are sorry that some may not be able to participate in this fundraiser for the Spokane Symphony this year," said Spokane Symphony Associates President and Ticketing Co-Chair Bruce Colquhoun.

Over the years, the tradition has raised $4 million for the Spokane Symphony. Matlow said this year's sales were up by more than 20%. 

The drawing for winners of the Davenport Hotel was held 9:30 p.m. Saturday. According to a post online by organizers, the 2017 Christmas Tree Elegance winners from the Davenport Hotel are:

Tree 1. Christen Sweeten 
Tree 2. Janice Strips 
Tree 3. Gary Garrett 
Tree 4. Richard Beckman 
Tree 5. Claude Montecucco 
Tree 6. Michelle Eames 
Tree 7. Becky Hart 
Tree 8. Donald Schoesler 
Tree 9. Gordon Smith 
Tree 10. Elanie Vixit 
Tree 11. Molley Barr 
Tree 12. Lindsey Marn 
Father Christmas Vicki Becker 
Tree 13. Kayleigh Reed
Tree 14. Carrie Jordan
Tree 15. Deborah Reich
Tree 16. Debra McLean
Tree 17. Joanna Wilson
Tree 18. Katherine Titos

The drawing for winners of trees from River Park Square was held at 4:30 p.m. Sunday. Matlow said organizers are working to contact winners now.