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University of Phoenix closing Spokane Valley campus

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - The University of Phoenix learning center in Spokane Valley near Argonne is closing as part of a nationwide shuttering of half of their campuses.

The campus in Spokane Valley will be open three hours a day, Monday through Thursday, until they lock the doors on October 30.

The for-profit university's Public Relations Director, Danica Ross, said they decided to close five of the six centers in Washington, including locations in the Tri-Cities and Spokane Valley. There were no classes held in the valley location, and all online classes will go on as normal.

university of phoenix closing

"All of these students were online to begin with, so they're not going to see a big change in how they're academics are delivered," Ross said.

Lyn Bradshaw works two jobs and thinks the online option is best for her education. She started two months ago in the human relations program.

"I come here to get help with my problems. My counselor, he's awesome so he always helps me when my computer's broken or something," Bradshaw said.

Most of the students used the learning center to meet with advisors and for the computer lab. Michelle Wright was also tutored there for algebra.

"I wasn't really happy about it because I had an advisor out there, and she's been my advisor most of the time," Wright said.

29 people will lose their jobs at the Washington locations, Ross said, although one employee said the number is closer to 25 between the Tri-Cities and Spokane centers.

Ross also said students should not worry about the health of the university.

"No, there's no reason to worry about that, these moves were made because we want to serve the needs of students, which is an increasing demand to be online," she said.

Ross said the University of Phoenix was closing 115 of its centers around the country. It will keep 112 centers and campuses open.

The Tukwila campus will be the only building left for the school in Washington.