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United to offer more non-stop flights from Spokane International Airport

SPOKANE, Wash. - United will now offer non-stop service to Chicago and San Francisco from the Spokane International Airport. And, there's even more nonstop destinations coming this summer.

The Spokane International Airport serves as a gateway to the world for travelers flying in and out of Spokane.

“I think it's wonderful, more flights means more money and more business,” said traveler Tex Hunter.

This summer, the airport is expanding its reach, adding nonstop flights to hubs across the country.

On Thursday, United Airlines began nonstop service to Chicago and San Francisco.

Airport CEO Larry Krauter said landing new, nonstop service is no easy job.

“We literally have been at this for several years,” he said. “And it's a combination of being persistent, having good data, having support of our community partners, and then obviously having a willing airline partner.”

The grueling task of attracting airlines is overshadowed by the benefits the Inland Northwest will likely enjoy.

“People who want to do business in Spokane, or come to Spokane, can now do that from almost anywhere in the world, with one stop, which is really good for Spokane's economy,” Krauter said.

The move will save travelers time, and multiply the convenience of the airport while connecting Spokane to major hubs.

“It's hard to fly all over the place for a one hour flight from Oakland to come up to visit family,” said traveler Kathy Riel. “So it's nice to have straight flights, no stops you don't get stuck any place.”

More nonstop flights are to come this summer.

“We have upcoming July 5, we have Dallas Fort-Worth starting, and then August 1 Sacramento,” Krauter said.

Krauter said the news has the city, and travelers, happy.

The Spokane Airport CEO said they plan to install more gates in the C-terminal.

But that construction won't begin until 2019.