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Trial underway for 2016 crash that killed Spokane Valley pedestrian

SPOKANE, Wash. - Trial began this week for a woman accused of vehicular homicide after a deadly crash in 2016. 

Sheriff's deputies blame alcohol for a chain reaction crash that killed 52-year-old Cheryl Camyn while she crossed Sprague Avenue on the night of Jan 14. 

Camyn was jaywalking and a truck had stopped to let her cross. Police say a drunk driver slammed into that truck, which then crushed Camyn. 

Meegan Vanderburgh is the driver charged in the wreck and now on trial in Spokane Superior Court. 

Jurors heard testimony from deputy Todd Miller, who arrested Vanderburgh shortly after the crash. Miller said he could smell alcohol on her breath, her eyes were glassy, and she struggled through multiple field sobriety tests. 

A court ordered blood test later revealed that Vanderburgh's blood alcohol was .131, 45 minutes after the crash. Vanderburgh told deputies she only had one drink that night after work at the Monkey Bar.

The evidence jurors did not hear Wednesday was the victim's toxicology report, which revealed Camyn had low levels of methamphetamine and opiates in her system the night she died. Camyn was taken to a hospital before deputies could interview her, and Miller told Judge Timothy Fennessy that he couldn't say whether the levels found in her system were enough to impair her. Due to that uncertainty, Judge Fennessy felt evidence may not be relevant and could influence jurors. No final decision has been made, but the victim's toxicology report could stay out of the trial.