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Trash under Browne overpass piles up, though crews clean sidewalks regularly

They're the gateways to and from our city - a welcome and goodbye in Spokane- but at least one of the major downtown streets is often covered in trash.

Clutter and debris are often left behind under the railroad overpass at Browne Street by members of Spokane's homeless population, who often seek shelter under the bridge.

This has been a problem for months, and with a quarter of a million people expected downtown next week for Hoopfest, KXLY  wanted to know - what's being done to clean it up?

The City of Spokane declined to speak, on camera, with KXLY Tuesday but did say that this particular area is consistently on their radar. Multiple cleaning crews, including a team from Geiger Corrections Center, cycle through the area several times a week, to rid the sidewalks of garbage and human waste.

House of Charity, right next to the bridge, also has crews that work in partnership with the city to clean the area.

They also declined to go on camera, but said that the City has been focusing especially on the Browne overpass in the past few months, likely due, in part, to a norovirus outbreak at the homeless shelter in January that fueled an emphasis on cleanliness.