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Thieves drill into gas tanks to steal gas

SPOKANE, Wash. - A thief in North Spokane is drilling into gas tanks to steal gas. A red Ford Explorer was drilled into in a relatively quiet parking lot, all in the middle of the day.

Chandra Robb was working just about 100 yards from the parking lot when someone burst in asking if she was driving the red ford explorer.

“I can't believe it, we thought maybe something was wrong with the car, we had no idea that something was drilled into. That's crazy,” said Robb.

The owner was Kento Profant, and his wife had parked the newly purchased SUV in the seemingly safe parking lot of her work.

“Come to find out that some vandals drilled out my gas tank to steal some gas, and took what they could and the rest of it ran out on to the ground,” said Profant. “Now we're without it for 2 weeks and it just seems there's more and more property crimes going on and we need to get a grip on them.”

Since Profant's car was vandalized last Thursday, there have been 108 cases within the city of items being stolen from a car. In the same 8 day span, 45 cars have been reported stolen.

These figures are well above the national average given Spokane's size. As you might imagine, this particular crime gives local officials significant cause for concern.

In the days since the vandalism, Vandervert Development, the owners of the lot, claim they've been looking into security cameras, but unfortunately for Kenton and his wife, it might be too little too late.