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Thieves break into cars outside local daycare facilities

SPOKANE, Wash. - Multiple cars were broken into outside two local childcare centers just an hour apart Tuesday morning.

Two cars were broken into in the span of five minutes Tuesday at Precious Angels Children's Center on Nevada St. One car had a window shattered, and no valuables were taken. The other car was left unlocked, and a mom's purse and wallet were stolen. 

Just a mile down the road, about an hour later, an employee at Giggling Guest Child Car Center had her vehicle broken into. Her wallet and purse were stolen. 

Just like on the roads, it’s chaos in the Precious Angels parking lot during morning rush hour.

Precious Angels owner Kim Kazmark said a lot of parents leave their cars unlocked and running during morning rush hour outside the facility. 

“Unfortunately, 'tis the season and thieves are on the move now,” said Kazmark.

Kazmark says they have had issues with people taking items from unlocked cars in the past but nothing like what occurred Tuesday.

Just before 8:30 Tuesday morning, Kelsey Goble came back into the building after dropping her kids off to say her purse had been stolen from her car.

“I get my kids out of the car, run inside with them and literally a minute and a half is all I spend inside the daycare,” explained Goble.

When Kazmark followed a distraught Goble back outside, she made a startling discovery.

“We saw my car window had been bashed out. I didn't have a purse, just a gym bag,” said Kazmark.

She posted about the incident to Facebook and learned just an hour later, the same thing happened a mile away at Giggling Guest Again daycare. 

Samantha Meese, an employee at Giggling Guest Again went to her car for her lunch break and saw that like Kazmark, her window had been shattered. When she looked inside, her wallet and purse were gone.

The incident left her shaken.

“That's my personal stuff and it just doesn't make sense to me why someone would do that to stuff that isn't theirs,” said Meese.

Employees at both daycare centers say it was a man and a woman who committed the crimes. They believe the suspects were driving a dark blue or green SUV.

Both businesses have sent alerts out to parents.

“I’m also looking to have the cameras go 24/7 instead of just after my alarm sets,” added Kazmark.

If you have any information about these daycare break-ins, you are asked to call Crime Check at 456-2233.