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Thief steals thousands in cash and jewelry

Thief steals thousands in cash and...

A Spokane woman chased down a thief who stole thousands of dollars from her. He gave her back some of the stolen cash, but still made off with her jewelry. 

Nancy Eagle called Crime Check to come and look at a neighbor's surveillance video, but no one showed up.

When Nancy first met a man named Brian, she thought he was in the area to buy a home. But he turned up several weeks later, when he began watering her front lawn.

He told Nancy he had fallen on hard times and needed work. Nancy could relate.

“My husband of 28 years passed away of Parkinson's and it was very, very tough,” said Nancy.

They agreed that Brian would wash windows, but Nancy noticed he was using every excuse to get inside her home.

“He actually went upstairs on the pretense that he had to count the windows...” she said.

Brian finished the job and Nancy paid him. That's when she got distracted by several police officers. She saw a patrol car outside her house. She went to speak with the officers about an abandoned car on her block, and when she returned, Brian was gone, and so was $2,500 in cash. 

Nancy jumped in her car and caught him a few blocks away. He told her that if she gave him a ride home, he would give her money back.

A few twenty dollar bills later, she kicked him out of the car. But when she got back home, she discovered jewelry missing too. Brian had left behind a Halloween mask, a flashlight, and hornet spray.

After three calls to Crime Check and no response, Nancy called Kxly4 for help. We called police, who said parts of Nancy's story didn't add up, and that she'd never mentioned a theft.

Police met with Nancy and looked at surveillance video. The search is now on to find Brian. Nancy says she didn't get specific with police the first time because she was embarrassed.

“I let the guy in,” she said. “How stupid was that?”

Brian is described as a white male, about 5 feet 7 inches tall, and is bald with tattoos on his chest and arms. If you see him, you are asked to call Crime Check at 456-2233.