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The ultimate Christmas experience at Green Bluff

The ultimate Christmas experience at...

GREEN BLUFF, Wash. - It's officially the Christmas season, and for many people, that means it's time to get a Christmas tree.

Across America right now there is a major shortage -- a problem with roots stemming all the way back to the great recession of 2008. The shortage is causing prices to go up in many places, with tree farmers fearing they'll run out before the holiday season is over. 

Local businesses in Spokane say they're doing just fine and want you to know, there's plenty trees for you to come pick from. 

Michael Townshend, owner of Green Bluff Christmas Tree Farm says, “we haven't felt that one bit up here. We're a u-cut farm so it's slightly different then going to a tree lot, ready to go.” 

There, you pick your tree and you saw it down. To make sure their two thousand plus customers never go tree-less, they have 23 acres of beautiful spruces and firs along with add ons that make the experience unique to anything you'd get a big box store or lot.

Townshend adds, “we have a great sleigh ride experience where people can get a Christmas tree, a sleigh ride and a soup at High Country Orchard down the way.”

The ultimate Christmas experience is what Rayne Irish calls it. He and his family recently moved to Spokane and always had an artificial tree. That was until they read about the u-cut farm

Irish says, “I always had a hope of being able to cut down my own tree.”

His first u-cut tree has one large stand to fill.

“Something that just shows that we love Christmas. A big tree. Tall and full,” he explains.

Once off the carriage, the hunt for that perfect tree began. It didn't take long. Irish says picking the tree was the easy part. Cutting it down was another story.

He adds, “you don't need to go to the gym, just cut down your own tree!”

Ten minutes later, all of his hard work paid off.

Irish says, “its looks fake its so perfect.”