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Teen accused of threats at LCHS back in court

SPOKANE, Wash. - A Spokane teenager accused of threatening to carry out school violence at Lewis and Clark High School was arrested on Monday for violating the terms of his release. 

Ryan Lee, 18, is charged with harassment and communication with a minor for immoral purposes. He posted at $100,00 bond after his arrest, and has been out of custody since. 

A judge imposed several conditions of release, including that Lee refrain from using social media, where documents say he made threats against LCHS, and that he not have any contact with the alleged victim in this case- or with any minor that is not a family member. 

Police were made aware that Lee attended a youth group camp, prompting Lee to be arrested Monday for failure to comply with his conditions. 

In court Tuesday, Lee's attorney said that the teenager had been under the supervision of his mother at the youth camp. 

But, Spokane County Superior Court Judge Maryann Moreno said she was "boggled" as to how the no contact with minors condition could be misinterpreted. 

She impressed upon Ryan Lee and his parents, who were present in court, that the allegations against him sent fear through a community. More than half of Lewis and Clark High School students stayed home from school after the threats were made. 

Moreno did not increase Lee's bond to $200,000, as the state requested, but she did impose new conditions of release asking Lee to avoid any area where minors might be. 

His original bond will stand, and he'll be released back to his parents pending trial.