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Students hold walkouts at Garry and Shaw Middle Schools

SPOKANE, Wash. - Students walked out of class at Garry and Shaw Middle Schools this morning to protest the layoff of teachers all around the district. 

The school district announced it will have to layoff 325 teachers and staff in order to help make up for a $31 million budget shortfall. Students say they are holding these walkouts to show they won't let those teachers go without a fight. 

"To do everything that they can to show Washington legislators that we don't want to lose our teachers, that we will not lose our staff," said Kaedyn Spencer, an 8th grade student at Shaw Middle School.

The school district says that students who choose to participate will not face any punishments. 

"We keep an eye on it, but as long as their being respectful, as long as they're being responsible, we are making allowances for it to happen and get them back in school as quickly as possible," said Spokane Public Schools Spokesman Brian Coddington.

Coddington also said the district will be working with students to find a better outlet for them to voice their concerns without disrupting the school day. 

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