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St Joe River floods neighborhood near Saint Maries

St Joe River floods neighborhood near...

SAINT MARIES, Idaho - In a subdivision three miles outside of Saint Maries, Idaho, homeowners enjoy waterfront views of both the St Joe river and a manmade lagoon, but now with all this flooding, the water is getting way too close to home.

Les and Darlene Staley's view off their balcony usually looks much different than it did on Friday.

"From the trees over there to this little hedge, it's all lawns and this is a lagoon, a man made lagoon, and we actually have a lawn too but now it's submerged," Les explained.

They've been dealing with flooding since last Saturday. Les says the water got within 12 inches of their home.

"So I had two grandsons and a friend come over and we spent most of the morning Sunday removing things and getting them on a trailer and getting some things stored," he said.

Thankfully, Les doesn't think there will be much damage to his home or his neighbors'. Because they are on a flood plain, they had to follow certain building codes. Les' home has a sea wall to keep the water away.

"I don't think there's going to be any lasting damage but there will be a little cleanup involved and of course they can't come and use their cottage until the water goes down," he said. "We were fortunate in that our lot was quite high."

Les has been recording the water levels by marking it with rocks in his driveway.

"Sunday or Monday it actually peaked out and started going down, so we've been breathing a big sign of relief." he said.

While it is going down, the water will likely be around for a while. USGS in Idaho says the flood stage for the St Joe river in Saint Maries is 32.5 feet. Today, the streamgage shows the river at 36.24 feet.