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City of Spokane details Stage 2 snow event plan

City of Spokane details Stage 2 snow...

SPOKANE, Wash. - While Spokane didn't see much snow fall Christmas evening into Monday, the looming forecast was enough for the city to implement it's all-hands-on-deck snow removal plan. 

The aggressive plan calls for the following:

  • 4 consecutive days of 24-hour plowing until every street is plowed
  • Full use of the city's fleet as well independent contractors
  • The clearing of every walkway leading to and/or around city buildings

In return, the city asks for the cooperation of its citizens.  They remind people to;

  • Avoid parking downtown overnight
  • When parking on residential streets, park on the even side of the road
  • Clear their cars, sidewalks and mailboxes of as much snow as possible.

Generally, the Stage 2 plan is not implemented until there are at least 6 inches of snow.  In this case, the city is trying to apply to the solution before the problem gets out of hand.