WA budget includes extension for motion picture program

SPOKANE, Wash. - Washington state's budget includes a decade-long extension for a motion picture program.

Earlier this month, Governor Inslee gave local filmmakers, especially those at North by Northwest, cause for celebration.

By extending the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program for 10 years, productions like Z Nation have incentive to continue to shoot in and around Spokane for years to come.

“This is all about job,” said Rich Cowan. “You take Z Nation as an example, that's 200 jobs, here in Spokane. Family wage jobs that pay pension and health and that's really important for this area.”

The extension wasn't promised, so last month's budget debates had those involved in the industry on the edge of their seats. Now with the victory, Eastern Washington can expect more interest from both television series and movies.

“It's just so exciting to have that interest,” said Cowan. “I was just talking to 2 different networks this morning about that possibility. So, there's a lot of interest now, and having the incentive in that sustainable pathway for 10 years adds more and more marketability in the area.”