Vandal causes thousands in damage to cathedral

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane Police are investigating a bizarre break in at Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral in downtown Spokane.

Police say James F. Meier, 30, broke into the church and broke the fingers off several statues and damaged the marble alter.

They say the 100+ year old alter is worth well over $5,000.

A police report reads, officers made contact with Meier outside the church around 9:00 a.m on Saturday on a disorderly person.

Police say they made contact with him and he was holding several artifacts, a six foot metal cross and numerous other items.

Surveillance video released to KXLY shows a inside the cathedral. In the video you him take the cross and start swinging it around.

In the police report it reads that attached to the cross was a 10 inch knife blade.

Meier has been charged with malicious mischief and disorderly conduct.