Thursday chase suspect makes first appearance

Thursday chase suspect makes first appearance

SPOKANE, Wash. - Charges have been filed against the man suspected of leading law enforcement on a high speed chase in a stolen 18-wheeler.

38-year-old Daren Suiter is now suspected of attempted assault to four officers as he allegedly tried to ram their patrol cars.

Apparently Suiter himself was injured at some point during this 26-minute pursuit because he was rolled into court Friday in a wheelchair.

His injuries could have been sustained when he rammed the stolen semi into a car, garage and concrete wall in North Spokane. Maybe he hurt himself running from the police. Or, perhaps it was Laslo the patrol dog who caught Suiter.

The prosecutor argued that Suiter put dozens of lives in danger Thursday when he led the cops on a 70 mph chase. That prosecutor asked for a $250,000 bond.

Even if Suiter can afford that, and is released, there's a lot of other things he cannot do.

Deputy Prosecutor Casey Evans advised Suter in court Friday that he would have strict rules if released. "Do not possess any drugs. Do not operate any motor vehicles valid license, proof of insurance. Do not drive or possess any motor vehicle not lawfully registered in the defendant's name without the expressed, written permission from the registered owner," he said.

Suitor's public defender chose not to challenge the $250,000 bond request from the prosecutor, so it's likely Suitor will stay in jail until his December 20th arraignment.