SpokAnimal competes for $100,000 grant

SpokAnimal competes for $100,000 grant

SPOKANE, Wash. - A local animal shelter is in the running for a chance at $100,000 And they need your help.

SpokAnimal is taking part in the ASPCA Rachael Ray challenge. It's a three month long competition that encourages shelters to break their own records saving the lives of animals by finding permanent homes for them

"Our focus is saving lives and that's what this Rachael Ray theme is for us," SpokAnimal Executive Director Gail Mackie said. "Everyone is a life saver."

Mackie said that SpokAnimal was one of 50 shelters across the nation picked to take part. She said if they win, they'll use to the money to save more high-risk animals in the surrounding areas and adopt them out locally.

"We have been pulling animals since starting about last fall from other shelters," Mackie said. "We were in Colville, Idaho, Yakima, Quincy, Omak, we've been all over this week trying to save lives of animals that were at risk elsewhere."

Volunteers and shelter staff were stationed at The Country Store on Sprague Avenue Sunday afternoon trying to adopt as many pets out as they could. They're trying to adopt at least 1,192 animals by the end of the challenge to beat there record from last year.

"We hope to adopt 100 animals today," Mackie said.

One volunteer not only helped find some animals their home, she took matters into her own hands and adopted one of the dogs.

"I feel like it's helping the animals instead of just leaving them and it is all going toward them," Stevie Alexie said. "So it's just for the pets anyway."

On Sunday, there were around 60 cats and 20 dogs for people to choose from at The Country Store. Dogs and cats will be available at their location on 710 North Napa, as well as the South Hill Petco and PetSmart on Newport Highway.

Additionally the shelter will host special events in the community to maximize their outreach. Sunday's event drew a man who was going to a improvement center for a weed whacker and ended up with a dog instead.

"Me and my wife had been talking about if for a while, you always just delay," Jesse Houston said. "So might as well, she'll be happy."

The winner of the competition will be announced in September.