Spokane residents react to Shea's gun proposition

Spokane residents react to Shea's gun proposition

SPOKANE, Wash. - Matt Shea's bill proposing the loosening of gun regulations in public stadiums is bringing out strong opinions on either side. 

"I'm a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment," explained Spokane resident Brent Ankenbrand. "But bringing guns into somewhere where there's alcohol being served? At least in my opinion, it's probably not the brightest move."

The 4th District Representative has sponsored a bill that would allow concealed carry permit owners the right to bring their firearms into any public arena and stadium, including Mariners and Seahawks games.

Some locals are expressing their support of the proposed legislation. "Unless they have a mental illness or a violent felony, it's wrong to disarm someone," said Joseph Hurtt, another Spokane resident.

Local waitress Emily Lemcke feels differently.

"I understand the second amendment. It's all important and everything, but I prefer [guns] were left at home. Volatile situations only become more volatile with guns."

The controversial proposition is not the only one to recently come from Matt Shea's desk. He has also proposed legislation in the previous weeks which would split Washington into two separate states, and make parental notification in cases of minors who obtain abortions mandatory.