Spokane County Democrats impressed with Clinton's debate performance

SPOKANE, Wash. - As Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton faced each other in Vegas for the third and final debate, around 110 people gathered at the Lincoln Center Wednesday night for the Spokane Democrats debate watch party.

Attendees said this crowd was a little smaller than the last, but by far the most vocal.

Going into the debate, Democrats said they hoped this debate would stick more closely to the issues than the previous two.

For the first 30 minutes or so, they got their wish. Both candidates navigated the conversation fairly smoothly, addressing issues like the open Supreme Court seat and abortion.

But as the conversation shifted to more controversial issues like ISIS, immigration, and the sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump, the candidates began to lose track of the issues, overlapping each others' arguments.

In the end, the Democratic watch party counted the debate as a victory.

Jim Castrolang, the chair of Spokane County Democrats, said he thought that this debate showed the "best of Hillary Clinton," while the last two debates have showed the "worst of Donald Trump."

The Clinton campaign is dealing with another round of WikiLeaks documents, which came up in tonight's debate.

But the Spokane Democrats at Wednesday's watch party remain confident in their candidate.

"I firmly believe that she is going to be the president that gets up every day and is going to work her heart out to try to make life better for America," said Cynthia Schwartz, who hosted the event.