Shea proposes bill allowing firearms in stadiums

SPOKANE, Wash. - A bill pre-filed by Republican representatives Matt Shea, David Taylor, and Bob McCaslin on Monday would allow guns at Seahawks and Mariners games.

The bill, which is unlikely to pass in the blue state, would permit persons with a valid concealed pistol license to carry their weapons in facilities owned or run by the Public Facilities District. 

This would mean that the weapons would no longer be prohibited in public facilities such as sports arenas like Century Link Field, Safeco Field, and the Spokane Arena. 

The bill states that "local governmental entit[ies] may not, whether by law, ordinance, regulation, rule, policy, or contractual agreement, prohibit persons with a valid concealed pistol license from carrying a concealed pistol in any stadium, convention center, arena, or similar facility," as long as it is owned, operated, managed, leased or maintained by the Public Facilities District. 

The stadiums, which currently have strict no-gun policies, would have little to no control of the firearms that were brought in.

The NFL has voiced its opposition of the idea, citing NFL policy which currently prohibits weapons in NFL stadiums. 

Other opponents of the bill worry about the presence of firearms in an atmosphere where alcohol is heavily consumed and emotions run high. 

Shea is known for his fierce defense of the second amendment as he has pushed for other gun rights bills in the past. 

Read the full proposed bill here.