Salvation Army gears up for holiday season

SPOKANE, Wash. - It's the Salvation Army's calling card; local citizens setting up shop in front of stores during the holiday season, ringing a bell for donations large and small.

This week, Spokane will see 55 of the iconic red buckets back on the streets of Spokane.

As always, SA Business Administrator Sheila Geraghty is looking for volunteers to wear the hat and ring the bell, but there are other ways to give back.

"The Salvation Army offers so many different volunteering opportunities," Geraghty said.

One of those options is a program called "Clothe a Child."

"It's a shopping event through JC Penney," Geraghty said. "It's four days long in the first week of December. We take 50 kids everyday to JC Penny and they all get a $100 gift card. So I need people to step up and sponsor a child for $100 and I need volunteers to shop with the children as well," she said.

Another alternative for competitive work places is a toy war.

The Salvation Army will supply bins for any company upon request to allow coworkers to divide themselves into gifting teams.

Along with the bin, Geraghty recommends a "giving tree;" a small office tree adorned with different wishes from local children.

No matter how you choose to give back this holiday season, Geraghty appreciates each and every sacrifice.

"Since I began working here 8 years ago, I've seen a side of Spokane I never knew existed. This town is truly generous," she said.