Rainy weather impacts Chinese Lantern Festival

SPOKANE, Wash. - Attendance at the Chinese Lantern Festival in Riverfront Park is down more than 50 percent due to rainy weather.

"The rain has been coming down pretty steady for a couple days now," said Amanda Marich, Spokane resident.

Along Lincoln and Monroe, cars slosh through the muddy waters while crews work through the showers.

"This has been an amazingly wet fall for us so far," said Jon Moog, Director of Riverfront Park.

In Riverfront Park, puddles line the walkways and the colorful lanterns pop against the dreary sky.

"I can't believe how much rain there has been. It seems like we had the nicest summer and then fall rolls around and boom! Rain city. Just coming down for days," said Spokane native Alex Lefriec.

The rain causing a dry spell when it comes to attendance at the Chinese Lantern Festival.

"This year we're about 50 percent what our attendance was last year," said Moog.

Only 37,000 people have come through to see the bright displays, down from 80,000 last year.

"So it has made an impact on us," said Moog.

Normally during the month of October, Spokane receives less than an inch of rain, but this October, more than four inches have fallen.

Some don't mind the we weather, "I love it, I like the rain," said Marich.

While others are hoping for a change, and soon, "A lot fewer rain days," said Moog.

Friday is expected to be dry just long enough to check out the festival. This is the last weekend and it  is not returning next year.