New school zone light installed by Lewis and Clark High

New school zone light installed by Lewis and Clark High

SPOKANE, Wash. - The intersection near Stevens and 4th by Lewis and Clark High School just got a little safer, thanks to a new flashing school zone light.

Spokane City Council member Lori Kinnear says a LC teacher was hit by a student last November, and came to Kinnear asking what could be done to make the area around campus safer.

Kinnear worked with the city's engineering department, the LC student body, and principal to come up with solutions.

Now, the flashing light lets people know when students are out.

Kinnear hopes the light will help drivers be more aware of the pedestrians in the area.

"Someone almost lost their life and it was tragic that it came to that," Kinnear said. "Now we have a flashing light that will warn drivers that this is an open campus students are out and they need to be paying attention and be aware there are pedestrians out here."

Kinnear says this is a pilot project. The city will get data from this project to see if it should be implemented around other high schools in the district.