Mystery sound baffles hundreds in Spokane Valley

Mystery sound baffles hundreds in...

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - A strange sound is sending a chill down the spines of hundreds in Spokane Valley, and theories are abundant on the internet as to what it could be.

Theories on the KXLY 4 News Facebook page list about every possibility there is, and the National Weather Service says those who are guessing weather played a factor are probably right.

"It was going on all night," said Arber Sejfiu who said he heard the sound starting around 11 p.m. Tuesday. "I'd hear it stop, and then I'd hear it again. I was trying to sleep and it woke me up, actually."

Several people said the sounds lasted all night. Some guessing it was the trumpets of the apocalypse, others believing it was something not of this Earth. Some explanations were more logical.

"I thought maybe it could be a train on cold tracks, cause I've heard that can be really loud and sound kind of like that," said Sejfiu. "But, I have no idea what it could have been."

The Spokane Valley Mall said Wednesday morning it believed the sound was graders clearing snow in the parking lot. But, one of the employees who drives those graders called KXLY 4 News to say he had never heard them make a sound like what was heard.

The National Weather Service said Tuesday night we experienced a low-level inversion, meaning cold air is on the surface, and warmer air is higher in the atmosphere.

"Here at the surface, and this is taken here at our office, we were at about 4 degrees, and about 2,000 feet above the ground, it warmed to about 16, 17 degrees," said Steve Bodnar with the National Weather Service.

An Inversion like we saw Tuesday night has the ability to trap sound waves and amplify them.

"Fresh snow on the ground, light winds, clear skies, that's the ultimate recipe for these inversions," Bodnar said.

But, what was actually making that sound is anyone's guess.