Man charged in deadly bar fight

Man charged in deadly bar fight

SPOKANE, Wash. - What started as a disagreement inside a Spokane bar over the weekend, led to a sucker punch on the pavement outside. Now, one man is dead and another is charged with his murder.

Police say on Saturday night Richard Natucci and a woman visited the Flame on East Sprague. A bartender said as the two walked by, Andre Joseph, 47, swore at the woman. The bartender told police Natucci and Joseph had a discussion and one said, "Let's take it outside."

Court documents say surveillance video shows that as soon as the two walked outside the bar, Joseph turned to Natucci and punched him in the face. Natucci's hands were down at his side at the time. He fell backward onto the pavement and never got up.

The bartender said Joseph came back inside and said, "The guy is laying on the ground. I don't know what happened to him." Joseph then left.

Surveillance video helped police track Joseph, whose mom told investigators her son admitted to slapping someone that night near the Flame.

Natucci was taken to Sacred Heart and treated for severe blunt force trauma. He died early Sunday morning.

Joseph is charged with Second Degree Murder. He's being held on a $1 million bond.