MAC celebrating "Lost Egypt" with exhibit

MAC celebrating "Lost Egypt" with exhibit

SPOKANE, Wash. - If you're looking for a way to stay warm this month, you might want to try the ancient desert located a couple floors beneath Browne's Addition. For just 30 more days, people of all ages can explore the Northwest Museum of Art & Culture's "Lost Egypt," exhibit.

"This exhibit is so much fun," exclaims MAC Annual Fund Manager Madison Bush. "There's lots of hands-on activities for the kids, and the parents have just as much fun."

The dozen or so activities include hauling replica pyramid stones, building a small pyramid from blocks, and restoring a shattered vase. However, the star if the show is a 2,300 year old mummy named "Annie."

Annie, whose name is short for "Anonymous," is believed to have been 17 years old when she drowned in the Nile.

"We usually get two different kinds of reaction," describes MAC Visitor's Service Lead Jaymee Donelson. "There's kids that come in and are terrified that there's an actual mummy downstairs. They think the mummy will chase them. Once they go down and actually see what's going on, they come upstairs and leave with a huge grin on their face."

The exhibit will leave Spokane January 6, so if you're looking to uncover some ancient secrets and learn some modern science this holiday season, look no further than the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture.