Local florists "Petal it Forward" in downtown Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. - Local florists spread a little joy in downtown Spokane Wednesday morning. "Petal it Forward" is a national movement where strangers are given two bouquets of flowers in hopes they give one away.

The two florists heading up Spokane's "Petal it Forward" event, Skyline Flowers and Bloem, were going to give out 50 roses. They realized, though, that they'd only be able to reach 25 people. Thanks to a big, generous donation from one of Skyline's growers, they're able to give out 1,000 bouquets.

"We didn't thing it was going to go so well with just reaching out to 20 people or so. One of our vendors graciously donated 1,000 roses for this event so we can go out there, hand out free flowers and get the movement going," Patrick Goldberg, owner of Skyline Growers, said.

Goldberg just heard of "Petal it Forward" a few weeks ago, and he knew it was something he and his team wanted to be a part of.

"October is a little slow for us to it's a great way to get out there, promote the flower industry. We are going to ramp up again for the winter months, absolutely. But it is something that we are really going to enjoy doing," he said.

They hit the streets of downtown Spokane around 11:30 Wednesday morning and set up in front of Riverpark Square. On a gloomy day, this was quite the pick-me-up for people just trying to make it through the rest of the work week.

"It made my day, made me happy, so I think the mission is complete, at least for me," flower recipient, Megan Brewer, said.

"Petal it Forward" started just a few years ago, but is already a movement in all 50 states. It's a great way to spread a little happiness, something we can all use a little more of.