KXLY4 brings smiles, capes to NICU babies

SPOKANE, Wash. - Superhero Day is an annual event where KXLY4 partners with Sacred Heart Hospital to brighten the days of the little superheroes there. This year, we were lucky enough to visit the little babies in the NICU, and hear the stories of the families.

Kaitlin and Charlie Young were on vacation in Grangeville when Kaitlin went into pre-term labor.

The young couple went from a vacation, to parents, all in a matter of hours. They then saw their tiny babies flown to Spokane in a helicopter, and were welcomed into life as a parent in the NICU.

“Those parents are expecting to have a big term healthy baby and go home and here they end up in this strange place where strange people are taking care of their baby instead of them so our job is to make them feel trusting of us,” said Jean Kelleher, NICU Nurse Manager.

Having a baby in the NICU isn't what anybody wants. It's scary and emotional, and whether you want it or not, it becomes your second home. For the young family, Sacred Heart Children's Hospital is the place they feel they need to be, even though it's so far away from their actual home.

“It's been great and we honestly feel like we were meant to be here because there's only one way we could have ended up here and we did and the doctors and nurses have been awesome. We're getting really good care,” said Charlie.

“Its been terrifying to see them so fragile and small but I truly feel like the people here are very compassionate and I can tell that they care a lot about my babies and they want to do what's best for them but they also care about me,” said Kaitlin.

Superhero Day is all about making the day a little brighter for a lot of kids in Sacred Heart Hospital. But make no mistake, it's a day for the parents as well, to help take their mind off the fear they are facing every day.

“It's just fun that everybody comes in and oohs and aahs over how cute they look with their little capes on,” said Kaitlin. “It's just nice to have people think they are as cute as I think they are.”