Ice Palace opens for final season

Ice Palace opens for final season

SPOKANE, Wash. - The Ice Palace opened Wednesday at Riverfront Park. The facility hosts figure skaters, hockey teams, and even curling during the winter months. If you've never been, this is the year to check it out. The Ice Palace is not included in the master renovation plan for the new Riverfront Park.

The planning committee completed extensive research and took in a lot of public comment before deciding to use that pavilion space for larger events & concerts. The city will replace the Ice Palace with an ice ribbon built in a more central location off Spokane Falls Boulevard near the Bloomsday runners.

"We heard from our Spokane community that they didn't want a winter season without ice and that is important to us too, so we made sure the Ice Palace stays open this year and the ribbon will be ready next year. We're really excited to unveil that," said Spokane Parks and Rec spokesperson Fianna Dixon.

That new ice ribbon is one of the first major projects in the works for the new Riverfront Park. It's scheduled to be completed by fall of next year. In the mean time, the city hopes you enjoy a Spokane landmark while it is still around.