How to combat the colder weather

SPOKANE, Wash. - Cold weather brings with it icy and slippery roads, making holiday travel tricky. 

“The biggest issue of course is ice on the road, especially early in the morning before its been treating, so the best advice is to slow down watch your following distance,” said WSP Sgt. Jason Davis.

This time of year the WSP responds to many weather related crCold weather brings with it icy and slippery roads, making holiday travel tricky. ashes.

Their advice? Slow down.

“When you're driving everything has to be done slower, the lane changes, the acceleration, that's all got to be done slower and more gradual,” Sgt. Davis.

Cold temperatures can cause your car to break down.

Most of our calls, we've been doing a lot of slide-offs, recovering out of ditches and mostly cars are broke down because of this extreme cold we've been getting lately, said James Penix.

Penix works with Frank's and Inland Towing.

It's a good idea to keep an emergency kit in your car, stocked with food, water, flashlights, a first aid kit and extra warmth.

“Make sure you have extra pair of blankets for everyone in the car to stay warm, because if your car is not running and you have not heat and youre going to get really cold really quick,” Penix said.

Pro tip? Kitty litter.

“Always a good thing to have a bag of cat litter in your car just in case you get stuck.... It will give you a little bit of traction if you pour it out on your tires,” he said.

Whether you're staying home or traveling this season, make sure your house is secured against the cold.

The last thing anyone wants: Frozen pipes.

"When they freeze, your only option is to heat up the temperature around the pipes until they thaw. So we've got quite a process here,” said Bulldog Rooter plumber Randy Schueneman.

Not only is it a nuisance, it's expensive.

"Keep cupbard doors open around where you have faucets in the house, especially if they're on an outside wall. [You'll] also want to keep a little bit of water running,” Schueneman said.

If your pipes do freeze, call a plumber immediately.