Food trucks get passing grades from county inspectors

Food trucks get passing grades from county inspectors

SPOKANE, Wash. - A new report by the Institute for Justice shows food trucks in Seattle are just as safe to eat at compared to a restaurant, and as it turns out the food trucks in Spokane are pretty clean as well.

Friday morning inside the Jamaican Jerk Pan food truck, owner Roian Doctor is preparing to open for the day.

"I keep it right back to my grandfather, you know like keep it real keep it authentic, never forget the culture," he said.

Doctor knows he has to run a tight ship to pass inspections by Spokane County.

"You have your sanitizing water, you have your hand wash, you have all of that good stuff and you keep your food at the right temperature and you won't be having a problem," Docttor said.

On Friday food inspector Lisa Breen checked over his trailer. Across the county she says foot trucks are doing a good job staying clean and sanitary. Of the 32 current food trucks in Spokane 13 have no violations while the rest had minor issues for things like hand washing and not property using wash rags.

"Food carts are pretty well maintained from what we see in fact the requirements for them are the same as we would have for a food establishment," Breen said,

It's welcome news for customers as the food truck industry continues to build in the Inland Northwest.

"Expect a health inspector to pop in at anytime so you know everything has to be on point," Doctor said.