Firefighters work to protect homes after 3 fires burn near Highway 2

Firefighters work to protect homes...

SPOKANE, Wash. - Firefighters wrapped up work on three fires from Tuesday.

The first started off Highway 2 and Pittsburg Street in North Spokane. Hours later, another started at Woolard and Highway 2, and just minutes after that, another near Highway 2 and Laurel Road, north of Chatteroy.

DNR firefighters fought fires throughout the day Wednesday. There were still a lot of active hotspots and with all the hot and dry weather in the forecast, they were worried the fires would start back up.

Wayne Storlie is one of eight or ten homeowners who watched the Laurel Road fire creep right up to their front door.

“I was minding my own business when somebody beat my front door. Just beating and beating and I came out and he said you're on fire...,”Storlie said.

Storlie moved his vehicles out of the fire's path. But he knows some of his property wouldn't have made it without the hard work of the firefighters.

The Laurel Road burnt somewhere between 50 and 60 acres, but it could have been much worse.

“We are lucky to have an airport in Deer Park that is so close and plenty of lakes they can get water from,” said Fire District 4's Captain Megan Hill.

Hill said wild land fire success stories like this one are a good reminder for all homeowners to take steps to protect their property and help fire crews defend their home.