Extreme Team to light up the holidays for kids in the hospital

SPOKANE, Wash. - Mark Peterson and the KXLY 4 Extreme Team are gearing up to bring some holiday cheer to kids who need it the most.

Lane is looking forward to the holidays. But for kids like Lane who spend a lot of their time at the Sacred Heart Children's Hospital, the holidays look a little different.

"Most people are very upbeat, the nurses are great, the doctors are, everybody's trying to do their best to make sure the kids have as much of a normal time as they can," said Bethany Sanwald, Lane's mother.

Lane has Rhabdomyosarcoma. Last year she spent her holiday season in and out of the hospital. She'll do it again this year.

"It's hard," Sanwald said. "The first go around she was in 42 weeks of treatment, and she had six weeks of radiation. It was really hard."

This holiday season, Mark Peterson and the Extreme Team are taking on a very special project, called "A Light for Every Miracle."

They'll spend the next week covering the park next to the hospital in holiday lights.

On December 1, they'll turn them on, and the children will be able to enjoy the holidays right outside their windows.

Bethany says their family does what they can to keep things normal during the holidays.

"For the holidays, we'll be with our best friends, we'll be eating a lot and playing, and we just try to keep it as normal as we can," she said.

And thanks to the Extreme Team, this Christmas will be just a little brighter.