Do's and dont's of new distracted driving law

Do's and dont's of new distracted...

SPOKANE, Wash. - The new hands free driving law is in effect and law enforcement agencies are already writing tickets for distracted driving.

A lot of people are still curious about what the secondary offenses are and how they are enforced.

Here are the things you can't do:
-Hold any electronic device while driving
(This includes texting, taking pictures, watching videos, etc. Also, no electronic device can be used even when stopped in traffic or at a red light)

Here are the things you can do:
-Make emergency calls
-You can use electronics when pulled over in a safe location
-Activate a device with a single touch or swipe while it's in a cradle or or hand-free device
“So having your phone mounted in your vehicle and using a single touch or a single swipe is the only thing that will be legal after Sunday,” said Trooper Jeff Sevigney.

Washington State Patrol will be giving warnings for six months to educate drivers on the new law. Other agencies started writing tickets the moment the law took effect.

As for secondary offense, you can't get pulled over for drinking coffee or eating a snack while driving.

But, if you get a ticket for speeding or get in an accident, that's when the secondary offenses come into play.

Then, law enforcement can write you that $99 ticket because your distraction could have contributed to your accident or violation.