Donna Perry found guilty for murder of three Spokane women

SPOKANE, Wash. - Donna Perry, who was on trial for murdering three Spokane prostitutes back in 1990, was found guilty of first degree murder on all three counts Thursday morning in Spokane Superior Court.

65-year-old Donna Perry stood emotionless in court while a judge read the verdict, reached by jurors after two days of deliberation.

"I'm absolutely blown away," said Chilesa Patzer, niece of victim Nickie Lowe. "I am so excited that we got guilty on all three counts, for all three of these women. It's been my entire life for this whole entire case, 27 years."

Perry was convicting of shooting and killing Yolanda Sapp, Kathleen Brisbois, and Nickie Lowe during a serial killing spree that terrified people living and working along Sprague Avenue.

Perry transported all three nude bodies to the banks of the Spokane River in Northeast Spokane.

Perry wasn't considered a suspect for the next 22 years until DNA underneath one of the victim's fingernails matched Perry's.

By then, Perry had undergone gender reassignment surgery. During the trial, prosecutors contended that Perry hated women until she became one, unhappy in her then male body.

Serial killer Robert Yates was considered a suspect in the 1990 murders until detectives confirmed Yates was stationed in Germany at the time of the homicides.

"My family is no longer alive," said Patzer. "I'm the last living relative for my aunt and I know myself as well as all the other families are absolutely blown away that we got all three counts were guilty."

Perry's sentencing will take place on July 24 .