Controversial sexual predator evicted from downtown apartments

Controversial sexual predator evicted...

SPOKANE, Wash. - A sexually violent predator released to live in Spokane last fall is now being evicted from the only place approved for him to live.

David McCuistion has a long history of rape and sexual assault. After serving prison time, he was sent to the Special Commitment Center for sexual predators on McNeil Island. Despite never receiving treatment, a judge granted him a release called a less restrictive alternative, which means he can be released, but only under specific circumstances.

Despite having no ties to Spokane, the judge in Pierce County granted McCuistion's release to the New Washington Apartments downtown. That was over the objection of the Department of Corrections, which is tasked with supervising the offender. The DOC report said The New Washington Apartments could not safely supervise McCuistion; they said security cameras at the facility weren't functioning and there was no one to ensure he would follow the rules.

KXLY4 has reviewed court documents for months, following McCuistion's treatment progress. According to those reports, he's followed the rules of his release and is seeing a therapist to work through his addiction and sexual disorder. Aside from a couple of minor violations, he hasn't been in violation of his agreement. But, the New Washington Apartments now wants him out, sending an eviction notice that says he has to be out by July 31st.

That complicates life for this offender. Now, he has to find another place to live with strict surveillance and security. The judge who allowed his release has to sign off on it.

In court filings this week, McCuistion's attorneys identify a house they'd like him to live in. Shaded by a large tree in Spokane's west central neighborhood, you'd likely miss the house if you drove by. McCuistion's friend says it's the only place that will take him. But, rent and utilities there will cost the state about a thousand dollars more than they're paying for his housing now; the state will also have to pay to install security cameras to keep an eye on him.

He may have additional eyes on him as well; the house is directly across from the Spokane Police Department's detectives building.

DOC is right now doing a review of the property. They have to have it ready for the judge to review in a hearing Friday morning in Olympia.