Big fireworks show in Spokane requires big preparation

Big fireworks show in Spokane...

SPOKANE, Wash. - Every year, thousands watch the fireworks show in Spokane's Riverfront Park.

We spoke to the group behind the big performance.

Set up for Tuesday's fireworks show in Riverfront Park started bright and early.

"[Shows] typically [take] at least two days, sometimes depending on the size of the show, three days [to set up]," explained Shooter Crew Supervisor Matt King.

"Most of the show is hand lit," he explained. "We are going to do a little fire or electrical fire, but all of those shooters that are hand lighting along with another [man, we] supervise that."

He explained there is a lot of preparation to make these shows spectacular.

"It's about like Thanksgiving," he said. "All that preparation and then it’s done and over with in just a few minutes. It's still worth it though."

Lucky for Spokane, King says the park is an ideal place to watch the fireworks.

"This truly is, this little area here of Riverfront Park, it seems to be designed for fireworks shows," he said. "We have a perfect environment where the lid is easy. what I mean by the lid, I mean how high we're shooting into the air, it's great for site lines for everybody who’s coming, regardless of where they’re at around our perimeter."

It's an intricate dance to make sure the mortars, and the show, go off without a hitch.

"We're all wearing radios, so what ends up happening is we get a cue call, then we hit the appropriate cue," he explained. "We're constantly watching, we have multiple shooters, all of them are coordinated according to the music. Although we're not hearing the music, our caller is. They’re able to time it with everything we're hearing."

It's an American tradition that King is proud to be a part of.

"People may not realize, this is the oldest tradition our country has," he said. "It began before our country was officially a country of its own. It was signed in that literally across the nation at the celebration of independence, that fireworks should fill the sky from coast to coast, and it has had happened every year since."