Auto shop struggles to navigate downtown parking

SPOKANE, Wash. - A Spokane auto shop moved downtown a few years ago, and is now struggling to keep up with downtown's complex parking system.

Mechanics Pride made the move from their shop on Monroe down 2nd to Jefferson a couple of years ago.

Their move brought them to a much bigger facility, but parking meters have been an issue. There are fewer than ten metered spots surrounding Mike Federico's shop.

“We have had to take from the side of Jefferson and then the side of 2nd and shuffle cars every couple of hours feeding meters,” Federico said. “$30 to $50 a day.”

On top of those pesky expenses, Federico rents space under the interstate for parking, which takes another $300 a month from his bottom line.

He has also had to create a special plan for his mechanics to plug the meters every two hours, because if they don't, they can wrack up $50 to $80 in tickets a day.

Until now, Federico has almost felt the city's parking enforcement officers were targeting his business, but relief is on the way.

The city's new parking pilot program will experiment with changing the meters on Jefferson from 2nd to the railroad viaduct and on 2nd from Adams to Madison from two hours to four hours or even all day.

“It would be even better if it was all day at least for six of them around my corner,” Federico said. “That would really help us a lot.”

Before implementing those changes, the city wants to hear from downtown parkers and businesses. There will be a ten day public comment period where you can make your voice heard.