All in the family - two brothers playing for different teams at the Spokane Arena

All in the family - two brothers playing for different teams at the Spokane Arena

SPOKANE, Wash. - Meg Fraschilla's shirt has two buttons on it. On one button, Oklahoma's James Fraschilla. On the other, Harvard's Matt Fraschilla. Brothers, three years apart, both in Spokane, playing on separate teams in the NCAA tournament.

"This was the tradition our from high school and my kids are mortified that I've carried it through college," Mother, Meg Fraschilla said about the buttons. "But it's fun for us and we are the parents and grandparents, so we get to do what we want to do."

Out of eight venues, Harvard and Oklahoma University both ended up in Spokane for the second round, which was exciting news for the Fraschilla family.

"The boys started texting each other, which was really cute as a mother to watch them to bond over it," Meg Fraschilla said. "We just started scrambling for flights."

Meg Fraschilla and, grandmother, Julie Ann O'Connell made the trip to the Inland Northwest from Dallas, Texas. For O'Connell it's a grandmother's dream come true.

"They've always done everything as a pair," O'Connell said. "Growing up they were very very close, so it's been fun to see them."

What could make it better? How about a Harvard upset over number five seed Cincinnati, sending the Fraschilla's youngest son into the next round.

"We're lucky that they're playing college basketball," Meg Fraschilla said. "We're lucky that their teams got in the tournament, we're incredibly lucky that their teams got sent to the same site and even more so that they didn't play each other."

Basketball isn't a topic this family takes lightly. Meg is married to Fran Fraschilla, An ESPN sports analyst and former head coach at Manhattan, St. Johns and New Mexico.

"He's getting the opportunity to see his kids do something that's he's done, but enjoying it on a whole other level as father," Meg Fraschilla said.

Only one thing could have topped it--

"It would have been better if they both won," O'Connell said.

The Sooners lost in overtime, but the hunt continues for Harvard. Meg Fraschilla and Julie Ann O'Connell will be at the Spokane Arena Saturday when the Crimson takes on Michigan State for the third round of the tournament.