Affordable health care program hits the road

SPOKANE, Wash. - Washington health plan finder

An effort to bring affordable health care to everyone in Washington hit the open road as Governor Jay Inslee kicked off the campaign Wednesday in Spokane.

The mobile health plan finder unit will be traveling to eight cities across the state, encouraging people to sign up and know what their options are when it comes to paying for health care.

The burden of living without health insurance was suddenly lifted this afternoon when Jessica Lawson drove by the mobile health plan finder unit in North Spokane.

"So something was just speaking out to me so I pulled over and came here," Lawson said.

Once inside she signed up for health insurance through the Washington health benefit exchange. She's now one of about 25,000 people in Washington who've signed up online.

"I have insurance, thanks to these people here," she said. "I just applied and I got approved. I'm really happy now because now my life is going to be a lot better."

Lawson, who has a disability, has been without her medication for nearly two years.

"It's been really hard, its been a major struggle for me because I'm unemployed and I don't have the money to pay for anything out of pocket," she said.

The mobile enrollment unit will make stops throughout Washington over the next couple weeks, taking the message on the road and making it easier for people like Lawson to sign up.

"We want to make sure every Washingtonian has access to those great deals," Gov. Jay Inslee said Wednesday. "We have 46 plans from 8 different carriers. We got good bids on them. No where else in American history has there been a better deal. Families can now get help paying for their health insurance programs:"

While the health plan finder website experienced a few hiccups, organizers say those are ironed out. Now they are trying to reduce wait time if you call with questions.