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Spokane Valley murder suspect struggled with mental health issues

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - Spokane Valley Police say a man was murdered by his own son on Monday night and the hour- long attack was recorded by a surveillance camera

61-year-old Huynh N. Bui died as a result of asphyxia due to "manual strangulation," according to the Spokane County Medical Examiner's office. 

His son, Duy Bui Nguyen was arrested in Seattle after he fled the scene in his father's stolen pick up truck.

Both family members and police records show Nguyen has a history of mental health problems.

According to court documents,  at 6:45 a.m. on Tuesday morning Tuyet Phan told Spokane Valley Police she found her husband in a pool of blood on their kitchen floor, his glasses twisted and broken.

"So the Major Crimes Unit will be investigating this as a death investigation at this point until we have further facts to let us know exactly what occurred here today," said Spokane County Sheriff's Deputy Mark Gregory.

In the course of searching the home for a suspect, arriving deputies saw that security cameras are feeding video to a monitor in an upstairs bedroom but have to wait to see if the surveillance system has recorded anything.

"Detectives have been called to the scene and they are currently securing the residence and waiting for a search warrant to continue the investigation," Gregory said.

The victim's wife told investigators she believes Huynh Bui's son is responsible for what appears to be a murder.

Later in the day investigators looked at the surveillance video and watch as Duy Bui Nguyen snuck up behind his father in the kitchen and strangle him. The attack lasts more than an hour as Nguyen tries to break his dad's neck.

The victim knew about his son's mental health and anger problems and installed the cameras to monitor Bui's movements.

Earlier this month, police were called to this Starbuck's because Bui refused to leave the business. Bui told officers his mom and police where trying to kill him.

His paranoid behavior warranted a trip to Holy Family hospital.

Now Providence Sacred Heart wants to be able to help treat more patients with mental health problems.

"Our data suggests upwards of 8 percent of the people in Spokane county have some sort of mental health condition which is more than the statewide average of five percent," said Alex Jackson, Providence's Chief Executive of Urban Hospitals in Spokane County.

It is not yet known if the suspect was receiving treatment for his mental health problems.