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Spokane Valley murder captured on home surveillance cameras

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash - The murder of a Spokane Valley man was captured on video cameras installed in the victim's home. The suspect in the murder is the victim's 30-year old son.

According to court documents, Huynh Bui was found dead in his East Heroy home Tuesday morning. His wife had called sheriff's deputies, saying she immediately suspected Bui's son was responsible.

Monday night, the victim's wife said she came home and found her step-son Duy Bui-Ngyuen "acting crazy" and that he confronted her and tried to get in her car. She drove away and spent the night at a friend's business. When she came back the next morning, she found her husband dead on the kitchen floor; his truck was missing. She told police about surveillance cameras set up around the home.

According to court documents, "there are cameras set up both inside and outside the house... she believed part of the reason her husband set up the cameras was because of his son Duy's behavior."

When detectives entered the home Wednesday, they found Bui dead with bruising on his neck and face.

Detectives then accessed the video cameras, which show Bui-Nguyen coming up behind his father at the kitchen sick and grabbed him by the neck. The videotape shows a prolonged struggle, which lasted for more than an hour - even after Bui was unconscious.

While detectives were still investigating at the Bui home, they entered Bui's stolen truck into a state database. They learned that Seattle Police had stopped the vehicle early that morning. According to court records, "he told [the officer] he had been in an altercation with his father and inquired as to the fastest way out of Seattle." That officer pointed him towards the airport and "since he hadn't apparently committed a crime, never obtained his name."

Spokane Valley detectives told Seattle Police Bui-Nguyen was wanted; a few hours later, they spotted the stolen truck in downtown Seattle. Bui-Nguyen was arrested just before 4:30 Tuesday afternoon.

Court documents say Bui-Nguyen has a history of erratic behavior. They describe an incident at a Spokane Starbucks earlier this month, when he refused to leave the business. He said people were after him and trying to kill him. He also said police were trying to kill him. He was taken to Holy Family Hospital for a mental evaluation.

Bui-Nguyen is under arrest in Seattle and charged with First Degree Murder. He'll be brought back to Spokane to face charges.