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Spokane SWAT team surrounds house

SPOKANE, Wash. -  

The Spokane SWAT team spent most of Monday afternoon at a stand-off in West Central Spokane.

It ended peacefully at around 4:00 p.m., at a house near the corner of Chestnut and Bridge.

The incident got its start at around 11:30 a.m. Monday morning when the Spokane Police Department Targeted Crimes Team went to arrest a suspect named Alex for an outstanding warrant.

However, once TCU and a bunch of patrol officers arrived at a home divided up into four apartments, Alex refused to come out.

Detectives knew from their undercover surveillance that Alex was in there so they started ramping up the resources they would need to get Alex out.

The police department's Bearcat was called to the scene to give officers more cover.

Negotiations got underway when police learned there were a half dozen people in the apartment, including Alex's mom.

So instead of fumigating the place with a chemical irritant, the team patiently talked Alex out.

“Our goal is to end this as peacefully as possible,” said Corporal Shane Phillips of the Spokane Police Department. “We clearly had a signed search warrant, we knew he was in there, and we had a legal right to kick a door and go on in. Instead, we used quite a number of resources to end it as peacefully as possible.”

We still don't know what Alex's arrest was for, but we will update with that information when we have it.

The Spokane Police Department's targeted crime unit focuses mainly on repeat offenders involving drugs and stolen property.