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Spokane students hit $10,000 funding goal for dragon-themed card game

SPOKANE, Wash. - A board game could be building a future for a group of Spokane high school and college students. 

Those students created "That Dragon Card Game" as part of a high school assignment more than a year ago. The assignment was part of a robotics class at Northwest Christian School. The class wasn't focused so much on robotics as it was entrepreneurship and innovation. 

The students were told to create something using very little money that could be sold on Kickstarter. 

"The assignment before the card game came to be was doing market research. So, research and development," said the teacher of that robotics class, Jeff Drew. 

The student who came up with the concept of the game said he had been looking into different ideas, but as a fan of card games, he thought that might be the route to go. 

"I had just bought a few card games online and I was playing them and I was like 'hey maybe we could make a card game. Those aren't too difficult,'" said Ethan Kopplin. 

So, "That Dragon Board Game" was born. The students worked hard on the project and presented it to Kickstarter. None of them could have guessed what would happen next. 

"It was kind of like oh it'll make a few thousand dollars or something. Maybe, hopefully. And then it ended up taking off," Kopplin said. 

Then, on November 5, the game hit it's $10,000 goal. 

"It was awesome. Especially so soon, it's really great to see," said Sarah O'Brien, the artist for all the dragons in the game. 

The game allows players to battle a variety of comically designed dragons. There's the Trump Dragon, the Hipster Dragon, and O'Brien's favorite, the Cartoon Dragon.

Now, the game is almost ready to be shipped to the project's backers. The group is also trying to get it into major retailers like Target and Costco. 

"I'm kind of hoping at some point I'm talking to someone and they're like 'oh have you heard of this card game? I'm playing it.' And I'll be like 'oh yeah that one, I made that,'" Kopplin said. 

And that's not the end for these young innovators. There are plans to create expansion packs, and even a "That Dragon Card Game" video game. 

This isn't the end for Drew either. He was laid off from his job at Northwest Christian School, but is now using that opportunity to start an after school program in the Garland area. He plans to teach students how to create similar projects, and hopes he can even inspire a student to create the next "big thing,"

"The project will be theirs. They get equity in anything that they do. So, ultimately this has the opportunity, has the potential for their college tuition," Drew said. 

There are still eight days left to fund the project and get your own copy of the completed game. Just head to their Kickstarter page to purchase a copy. They plan to have the game completed and shipped to customers by May of 2018.