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Spokane road crews prepare for snow season

Spokane road crews prepare for snow...

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane County road crews are ready for another snow season. 

35 graders, 25 plows, and four de-icer trucks and the crews that operate them are ready to serve at a moment's notice - at times working 24/7 to clear snow and ice from 2,500 miles of road. Spokane is home to the largest county road system in the state of Washington. 

"We are going to get the snow off, the ice off the roads, that's our paramount concern is the safety of our citizens..." said Bob Keneally, Superintendent of Spokane County Maintenance and Operations. 

When snow falls on county roads, crews are mobilized using a plow priority system. Crews will first clear main arterials and emergency routes, followed by secondary arterials. After those roads are serviced, the crews will then clear hilly residential areas, then flat ones. The county recommends keeping your street as clear as possible in order to speed up plowing. 

The county wants to remind people to stay at least 50 feet away from snow removal equipment and to never pass on the right side of trucks and graders. 

During a snow event, you can track the progress of crews by clicking here