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Spokane man meets officer who helped save his life

SPOKANE, Wash. - A Spokane man is trying to track down the good Samaritans who saved his life after he was found without a pulse and slumped over the steering wheel of his car.

Some of the first responders to Keith Myers' massive heart attack included Spokane police officers-- who caught the whole thing on bodycam video.

Thursday, Myers got to thank one of those officers for taking care of him and his panic-stricken wife-- as doctors brought him back from the dead.

Part of the problem Keith faced in trying to locate the people who saved his life, was that he doesn't remember much about that day.

Myers said he remembers that he was doing some volunteer work for the food bank and started not feeling well so he left. His car was nudging its way into a snow berm when he lost consciousness.

By the time officers responded to Fourth and Maple, good Samaritans including off duty Spokane Valley battalion chief Rich Llewellyn had joined the fight to keep Keith Myers alive.

An onlooker explained that responders opened Keith's door, pulled him outside, got him on the ground and started to perform CPR.

The CPR kept Myers' brain from dying from lack of oxygen until paramedics were miraculously able to get his heart beating again.

Then, officers had to decide what to do with Myers' van which was blocking a busy intersection.

While a tow seemed like the best way to get traffic flowing, officer Chris Kirn decided to move the van into a parking lot and reach out to Myers' wife, Dianna.

“He came here and gave me the keys to the car and and explained what had happened and where it was, and he put me in his car and drove me to the parking lot where the van was,” said Dianna.

Officer Kirn not only spared the Myers losing their only car to an expensive impound lot, but comforted Dianna on the way back to the scene.

“He gave me a sense of calmness where I could actually focus on what I needed to do,” she said.

Today Keith got to meet officer Kirn for the first time since Keith's heart attack.

“It is great to see you,” said the officer.

“Oh, good to see you, good to see you. I've thought about you quite a bit. Thank you so much for everything you did, especially my family,” said Keith.

Keith knows medical professionals saved his life that day. But believes officer Kirn went beyond the call of duty to ease his wife's suffering.

Keith told the officer, “people like you bring honor to your badge and your department, and to the city of Spokane.”

“Well thank you, that's very touching. Any one of us would have done it, but I was glad I was there to help you out,” said officer Kirn.

Despite having a total blockage of his aorta and coronary artery, Keith is expected to make a full recovery.
He is still looking for the pediatric physician who gave him CPR that day.

If you know who she is, call us and we'll give you Keith's phone number.