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Spokane man accused of sexually assaulting women faces serious penalties

Spokane man accused of sexually...

SPOKANE, Wash. - A Spokane man suspected of sexually assaulting women downtown and along the Centennial Trail appeared in court on new state charges Friday.

Jonathan Smith was told he faces a host of new charges with serious penalties.

A pair of deputy prosecutors, who work for different branches of our local government, are now tag-teaming Smith in court.

The driving force behind their cooperation is holding Smith accountable as much as the law will allow.

Up until now, Jonathan Smith has been charged in Municipal Court with 11 counts of fourth degree assault.

Detectives believe that attacks involving Smith swatting unsuspecting women on their backside are sexually motivated.

The problem is, the city doesn't have a law barring this type of sexually motivated attacks.

Fortunately, there is a state law that deals with sexually motivated fourth degree assaults.

That's why Smith appeared in court on Friday on new state charges.

The new charges amount to 11 gross misdemeanors that collectively carry more time behind bars.

On Friday, new court documents revealed that Smith has been a sex addict since early childhood.

He said he's a consumer of pornography and that by his recollection, he actually slapped 30 to 50 women.

Smith also confided that in almost every incident he was sexually aroused before, during, or after each attack.

If Smith is now convicted as charged in District Court, that sexual motivation enhancement does more than get him a tougher sentence.

Smith could also be compelled by a judge to give up a sample of DNA so if he chooses to re-offend, any evidence he leaves behind could connect him to the crime.